Slasho Saber is a member of the 3rd Street Saints.

Slasho Saber
Race Nto
Gender Female
Affiliations 3rd Street Saints
Basic Info
Eyes Brown
Hair Different Shades or Purple
Owner Aniju Aura


In her true form, Slasho is a saber tooth, with short brown fur and a white chest and stomach. She has two rows of metal spikes along her back, six in all and her ears, fangs and claws also resembles these metal spikes. Her eyes are brown and she has a long very thin black tail tips with a spike ball. She is very cheetah like in weight and height, she has long legs and a thin body for running. One of the fastest creatures but she is also capable of flight. Slasho has two wings on her back that are grey in color.

Human form varies depending on story. Before she left the Metal Institute she had long brown hair, and wore the white outfit the patients were required to wear. After Aniju let her out, Slasho cut her hair shorter and dyed it purple. She usually wears a long short-sleeve jacket that is purple of course and long gloves around her arms. Slasho likes boots, anything with a lot of buckles and belts.

Slasho is super hyper, and very active to the point where she can barely sit still. She make friend and enemies easily, it is very hard to get back on her good side though she can be friends for life. She is psychotic and mentally unstable at time. Incredibly violent and destructive of other people’s property when in a bad mood. She is also a pickpocket and a thief and is attracted to shiny things. Slasho is prone to lose interest easily while doing things and gets distracted a lot.


Slasho had been long-term friends with Aniju and willinging joined Ivory and later the Saints.


  • Slasho is Aniju Aura’s oldest character. She is the predecessor to Aniju and so the two share a lot in common. Slasho being the more violent and insane version.
  • Slasho was originally white but kept turning brown in Aniju Aura’s mind. So she became brown.
  • Slasho’s species is very similar to that of Pokémon and Digimon, the two popular kids shows at the time of her creation. Slasho has a similar evolution but keeps her name throughout all stages.
  • Slasho is a part of a group call Karaokemon, main up of a group of odd balls which included Piglet from Winnie the Pooh, Pidgey from Pokémon, Rannamon from Digimon, Gray Wolf from Monster Ranger and Shyler from Dink. Later addictions included, Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, Alu from Bolt II: Wolf’s Quest, Nuka from Lion King 2, (Slasho’s love interest) and many more. The group was dropped when the creator got more serious in her stories and created Aniju. They were used for fun by her creator as a young child and many characters were swopped for Original Characters, except Slasho the only OC in the group at the time.
  • Slasho’s new love interest is DeeJay, a lion like creature from her Planet. He works as a DJ.
  • Characters’ constant singing began with Slasho, due to the creators love for art and music. This was carried on to Aniju.
  • Slasho breifly goes back to the Mental Institute in Dimensional Defenders, which is why she is not seen.
  • Slasho aided Aniju in the fight against Jasper which ultimately led to his capture by Aniju.
  • Slasho was named after a dog in Fern Gulley 2 called Slasher, however with her, the ER was taken out and O was added instead. An old friend once called her Slasha, but her name remained Slasho. Slasha and Sasher may be possible names for Slasho's two siblings.