Sinner is a two-handed sword created by Aniju.



Sinner is basically a modified version of the Nocturne, the sword the Deckers carried around, with several enchanted abilities. Sinner will glow different colors bepending on what abiliti is activated and while sheath on the back Sinner will pulsate with a similar sound effect of the Dark Brotherhood's Door. Despite being an inanimate object Aniju always refers to Sinner as a "he". Altough Aniju is seen using one hand to swing the sword most other people have to use two hands because of the added weight Sinner adds when he dislike a person. Sinner's key chain is a silver fleur-de-lis.


Sinner has some unique abilities no other sword found in Steeport has.

Red - Sinner will fire an engery blast when swung that caused exploision when colliding with an object. The Engery blurst will also travel through multable enemies and can disarm anyone in the firing line.

Blue - Sinner fires an Electric Wave that can fire any electronics directly in front of the wave as wella s shock and stun enemies for a few seconds. The Blue Ability can also transform any mechanical object into a small robot.

Green - Sinner will throw a stream of slimmy snakes and dips poison along it's blade, poison any victim the blade slices. This poison can also rust metal over time.

Purple - Sinner will drank a person's health when stabbed and add it to the sword's wielder. When swung Sinner will sent out a purple burst that will temporarily turn enemies against each other.


  • Sinner was named by Aniju from the common sayins Ivory uses "Every Sinner has a Future; Every Saint has a Past." Referring to the Saints being both sinners and saints have both a past and future.