Sid Vicious is a member of the 3rd Street Saints and the grandson of Jasper.

Sid Vicious
Race Klimatjie
Gender Male
Affiliations 3rd Street Saints
Basic Info
Eyes Hazel
Hair Light brown and Dark Brown
Owner Aniju Aura


Sid Vicious had brown hair; one side is darker than the other and longer. He has hazel green eyes. Sid Vicious is very tall, taller than both Jasper and Dante. Vicious wears a white long sleeve shirt with a brown vest over. His outfit is rather simple so he can blend in to the background. Under his clothes he has tribal tattoos on hid left arm.

He may look intimidating with his piercings and tattoos but deep down he is a really sweet guy. Fiercely loyal and committed to his friends and family, he bares the traits of being a part of the Klimatjie species. Sid Vicious is highly affectionate and craves physical contact from others especially those who he considers as his tribe. He, like Jasper, can be clingy. Normally Sid Vicious is calm and friendly but cross him and be becomes violent and aggressive even over the smallest things.

Sid Vicious prosses fire abilities, he can create fire balls, breath flames and create wings of fire that allow him to fly. Sid Vicious is also a skill fighter favoring the spear as his weapon of choice. As a unicorn, Sid Visious is quite skilled with magic and can cast spells on himself and others. He probably could preform dark magic if he ever tried, however Vicious generally uses hims magic to help aid his fellow clan members. Sid Vicious was said by Jasper to have been named by Aniju's uncle Zarathustra when he came to Althra after the time of Sid's birth.


Sid Vicious joined the Saints along with his grandfather.


  • Sid Vicious was named after a wild meerkat for helped form the Hoax Mob. Sid Vicious later helped form the JaXX Mob where he became the dominant male till he was ousted by Vince. He later left the JaXX and helped form the Sequioa Mob and later the Pretenders Mob where he became the dominant male again. Sadly he disappeared sometime when the group became infected with disease.
  • Sid Vicious is Jasper's grandson and from the same tribe he was from.
  • Sid Vicious met Aniju through her uncle Zarathustra, who was the same Aura who sealed away Jasper. Zarathustra was also the one who named him.
  • Klamitjies age differently so Sid Vicious's age is unknown but he is equivalent to a 17 year old.