Saints Row: Skyrim is a combination of the games Saints Row and Elder Scroll. The setting takes place after in the furute of Tamriel where modern civilization has arose, allowing cars, aircrafts and computers to exist from Saints Row in while still retaining the mythical ttouches of The Elder Scroll series to remain present.


The Setting is located on the continent of Tamriel in the province of Skyrim, home of the Nords, in the city of Steelport. Although Steelport is a modern in industrialized city, the outskirts of Skyrim still remains mostly wild dotted by small settlements.

Role PlayEdit

Each Role Play will be done threw Missions to move the story along and to keep from on Role Play Center page from becoming too large. Once a Mission is done a new one will be started for the main quest. Side mission will be available as well for the characters to earn money or other perks.


It's several hundren years in the Future after the events of Elder Scroll V: Skyrim and the world has chanced much over the centuries to a more semi-modern world. Gangs wars has broken out in Steelport with the arrival of a new gang call Third Street Saints. The World Eater Alduin has returned from his trip through the sands of time, and has taken up another attempt to dominate the world bringing the return of the Dragonborn to try and stop the World Eater.