Pink Belt, or Damian Duggers, is a member of the Deckers.


Damian wears the usually Decker outfit with a black jacket and pants with neon blue glowing lights. He also wears a pink belt inwhich earn him his nickname by Ivory. He has dark blue black tinted hair. Damian is 17.


Damian learned from watching his follow Deckers be tormented by the affactions of Ivory to just go along with the flow. When he encountered Aniju, he knew it was better to dance with her than fight her, thus he became Ivory's new "favorite." After this he allowed Ivory to do whatever they wanted with him, which they took to with enjoy, and he can be seen with them often.

When Aniju started to steal the Deckers' cars, Pink Belt started to bring her on everyday to replace the ones she or the other members of Ivory destroyed.


  • Ivory refers to him as Pink Belt rather than his actual name Damian.