Jasper JaXX is a member of the 3rd Street Saints and the grandfather of Sid Vicious.

Jasper JaXX
Race Klimatjie
Gender Hermaphrodite (Appears Male)
Affiliations 3rd Street Saints
Basic Info
Eyes Blue
Hair Jet Black with red streaks
Occupation Shaman
Owner Aniju Aura


Jasper is very tall, 6'2, and slender with jet black hair, with red fringes on the front and sides. He wears a white shirt, that sometimes cuts at his stomach. He also wears a black jacket laced with black feathers around the collar. He also wears his Bakugan Mungallchops around his neck on a black choker. His eye color varies but are mostly blue or red.

Jasper can be a little hard to understand when first encounterd. Jasper is known to be a bit cruel and mean to others, often picking on people driving them to a breaking point. He is very perverted in his own way. Jasper tends to talk to people in a mocking way, and he likes to pick on people for the fun of it. Jasper tends to quote or sing varies songs he likes particularly perverted ones. Despite being a bit hostile to new people, Jasper  is surpisenly very loyal to his small group of friends. He is rather care-free and doesn't care about what others think of him, because of his weird and perverted actions. He does understand most social norms and seems unable to conprent some of his actions are veiwed as negitive. When angred Jasper will resort to violence and may do serious damaged to those around him or the local area.


Jasper was born in the JaXX Tribe in the Kingdom of Sparthia on the planet Althra. He was born into the Klimatjie species, which usually lived in small tribes in the wild. He lived his life normally with his parents and two siblings, and soon started to train to become a shaman for his tribe. Jasper learned how to hunt and survived within the forest he lived in from a young age. When Jasper was a little older, his tribe was attacked by a group of mercenaries and scattered, Jasper's parents and siblings were killed in the process. Jasper survived but was captured and sold into slavery, which was allowed at the time. Jasper was sold around a bit, some of his owners took advantage of his innocents at times. His last owner was a rich man and kept Jasper more so as a sex slave. Despite his hardship, Jasper took a interest in some of the book found in the library. Whenever Jasper wasn't servicing his master, he was allowed to do whatever he wanted as long as he remained inside, so to entertain himself, Jasper would read the books. He started to secretly practice spells and magic. By the time Jasper had reached his teenager-hood, he was messed up and harbored a hatred that never went away no matter what he did. Finally one day he snapped and murdered his master. By doing this act Jasper then became the new master of the other slaves and claimed the house for himself. Jasper hid away in the mansion and allowed the other slaves to do whatever they wanted. When the money and food started to run out, Jasper left, freeing the other slave, however a few stayed with him. News of the murder eventually reach the authorities but by then Jasper had fled the city and hid in the forest.

Now in his own natural environment, Jasper started return to a more wild state of mind, however the other slaves were not used to the wilds of the woods. So he killed a wealthy traveler so his companions could buy food, why he consumed the dead body to hide the evidence. So he took his little group to a nearby town and proceeded to raid the town's folk of their food and money. By now Jasper had become a very powerful wizard, one of the youngest. The red in his hair started to spread, (For Klimatjies, their hair changes color to showcase their power, red being the most strongest with magic.) Jasper enjoyed this act of slaughtering people and taking what he need, an act of revenge for what happen to him. He started to repeat this over and over again, eventually his small group grew into a feircesome mob of bandits, made up of murders, rapist and thieves, with Jasper as the sole leader. He was able to keep the others in line by simply being the most powerful in magic. During this time Jasper started to mature into a sub-adult, for Klimatjies this time they become more aggressive and start to seek out a mate. Normally the elders of the group would keep the young Klimatjies in line but being the highest ranked of his group and having lost his parents at a young age, Jasper could do anything he wanted. As an act of revenge from his days as a child prostitute, Jasper started to have his way with others. When he wasn't having his way with one of his captives, Jasper gathered more books to learn more spells, so he could maintain his status and better his spells. Every now and then he to occupy himself ever more, Jasper would dress up the dead bodies and pretend they were his old family which often unnerved his subordinates but none would question him. Eventually he obtain some more followers, mostly other criminals and slaves he had freed, and built an army out of them. Over time he grew more powerful and more hateful and blood trusty. He killed countless lives till the point where the small empire fell apart and was abandon. Jasper took over as the new king and created his own kingdom of criminals.

Now the king of his own small kingdom and reach adulthood, Jasper started to mellow out a bit. He had enough of his old life and wanted something more. He met a young female Klimatjie which are rare in his species named Frida. He would eventually marry her and they had a child within Jasper's second year of reign. It seems things were looking up for Jasper, then his wife was murdered by one of his rivals who wanted his throne. Jasper snapped again and began to use his magic to wipe out his own kingdom. Finally his rule came to an end when he was sealed away by a young Aura named Zarathustra at the age of 21(equivalent to human aging). Because he was too powerful to kill, Jasper was then locked away, however around a 100 years or so later, Jasper was able to free himself.


  • Jasper spells his last name with two capable Xs.
  • Jasper often sings or quotes songs he likes especially dirty songs.
  • Jasper likes lillies, reminds him of something from his past.
  • Jasper was named after a male meerkat from the Commandos and his last name come from the meerkat mob The JaXX Mob.