Ivory is a group of mischievous characters that cause havoc where ever they wonder. Ivory was formed by a group of individuals cursed to transform into monsters by their master. However Ivory explained over time to include many different species, not all cursed. The group was named after the white pelt of their Dominant Female. Also known as Ivory Team, IvoryClan or Ivory Mob most often just referred to as Ivory. This group is very large, far larger than any Bakugan group so far, containing many talented brawlers even from other teams. The main cast of characters however have formed a strong bond and live an almost animal like hierarchy. Anyone can join most often people join after meeting one of the high ranking members. Ivory are led by an alpha pair rather than one leader.

Group MembersEdit

A list of Ivory members.

Aniju Aura

Dante Royal

Slasho Saber

Jasper JaXX

Sid Vicious JaXX

Treva Vellmark