Holy Batman is a Decker member who was impaled by his own sword.
Holy Batman2

Holy Batman


Holy Batman, or Jonus Johnson, is a member of the Deckers with a sword sticking out of his chest. He wears the usually Decker attire. Holy Batman is sometimes referred to as Batman by Ivory or Wholely Metal.


Upon encountering Jasper, he gave the Deckers, as well as the other gangs, the command to refer to him by an incredibly long and difficult name to remember. When failed to refer to Jasper by this long name, he began to kill anyone who got it wrong. Jonus was unable to recall the name even though he wrote part of it down in his phone. When he realized he had failed, Jonus took off running in which Jasper threw Jonus' sword at him, impaled through he chest. However Jonus did not die because the sword missed his vital organs. Since then he has had his sword sticking out of his chest earning him the nickname from Ivory Wholely Metal which later turned into Holy Batman.


Pictures of Holy Batman.


  • When Jonus is first introduced, and impaled, he is 15. He later turns 16 a few months later.
  • Jonus' nickname comes from the Robin's phrase "Wholely Metal Batman! This metal is wholely."