Dot Hack is a member of the Deckers and Ivory.


Dot Hack is an Android created by George Lambert of the DeathTones. She resembles the Deckers, she wears dark color clothing with neon blue glowing markings and streaks in her black hair. Unlike the human Deckers, Dot has claws that glow blue and she speeds around on her metal shows with the help of small wings. Dot Hack also has a large set of wings on her back that she can fly with, however she likes to mimic the femae Deckers on their roller blades.

Because Dot Hack isn't human she minics others a lot as a form of learning. She will sometimes comment on how odd humans are or question their behaivor. Dot Hack also has some traits of Aniju like her love for music, particullarly anything techno, and can preform Jumpstyle and Shuffle. She can learn things by downloading information off of the internet. Dot Hack has a weakness to magnets and avoids them. Dot can also be harmed by strong electric pulses.


Dot Hack was created by George Lambert as a side protect and as an attempt to create a being like Aniju that the DeathTones could control. Later for reason unknown, she was released in Decker territory where she joined the gang by simply resembling them and hanging among them.


  • Dot Hack is named after a popular anime/video game called .Hack.