The Deckers are a group of computer geniuses led by Mat Miller


They deal mainly in money laundering and cybercrimes across Steelport, and their gang color is neon blue. Like the Morningstar and the Luchadores, they are part of The Syndicate. The gang is mostly made up of English characters wielding sub-machine guns and swords on their backs.

Upon their arrival into Steelport, the members of Ivory instantly take an interest in the Deckers, mainly because of their flashy outfits and start harassing them on a ragular basis. The leader of Ivory Aniju then started to give the members of the Deckers nicknames relating to something the Deckers were wearing such as Pink Belt and Headphones. Because Ivory would steal their cars already, after a while the Deckers started to leave a tribute of one vehicle at Ivory's house as a peace offering.