Dante Royal is the current Dragonborn and a member of 3rd Street Saints.

Dante Royal
Race Unknown
Gender Hermaphrodite (Appears Male)
Affiliations 3rd Street Saints
Basic Info
Eyes Blue Grey
Hair Brown with yellow streak
Occupation Dragonborn
Owner Aniju Aura


Dante is a hyperactive person who never seems to run out of energy. He has ADD and sometimes “accidentally” forgets to take his medication leaving him rather spunky. He is easily distracted by even the smallest minor of things that can amuse him for hours. Dante is extremely loyal and protective of his friends and what they believe in. He can make friends with anyone and is quiet talkative and very social. Addicted to music, Dante usually has a song stuck in his head.

Dante element is sound. He can create different frequencies of sound ranging from a low tone to a high-pitch tone. He can create sound bombs that can stun, briefly paralyze or even kill. He also open locked with his sound abilities and use echolocation to see. Dante has the ability hear from long distances. Dante also has the ability to create and control glass when it is around him or if he is near sand. He can vibrate the sand using his sound ability to heat up the sand melting it into glass. After Dante turns into his Toxic form, because he was infected with parasites, Dante gains some new abilities.

In his original form, Dante stands at about six foot and is very slender in appearance. He has brown hair that goes a little past his shoulders and a yellow streak of hair on his right side that covers his eye. He has blue grey eyes and a lip piercing on the right side. He wears a red jacket that opens on the side rather than the front. His jacket had a large white mane of fur around the collar and down to his chest. His sleeves and the ends of the jacket also sport tuffs of white fur. On his left side the letters A, F, I can be seen.

In his Toxic Form, Dante stands a little latter because of he becomes a digitigrade, walking on his toes more like an animal rather than a plantigrade like a human. Occasionally Dante will walk on all four like a Quadruped. His hair has changed to jet black and a green streak. He also gains a long slender tail tipped with a long green tuff of hair much like that of a lions. His outsit also chnages so he is now wearing a dark blue sleeveless jumper with a belt and his mane has become black. Dante's eyes are usually covered by his longer hair but glow green. He constantly drools a green glowing liquid.


Dante was born in the Royal family, yes that is their name. He has seventeen siblings, Dante being the ninth born. He met Aniju when he was 13 and the two have been friends since then although he soon developed feelings for her. Sadly she was bind to this and he was too afraid to tell her so for four years their relationship never went any farther. She had feelings for him as well but never told him either, so she assumed he didn’t like her that way and he came to the same conclusion. Dante, never the less, helped Aniju without question and stayed by her side. When Aniju started making Bakugan, she made one for Dante, because there was no attribute for sound.


  • Dante is named after the main character in the video game Devil May Cry. His last name comes from the color Royal Blue, however Dante's color is red.
  • Dante's is made of of six people, Dante(DMC), all the members of the band AFI and is voice is the main male vocalist for Shiny Toy Guns. He bares the Devil May Cry Dante's name and a little bit of his care-free personality. He has the main singer of AFI, Davey Havok's lip ring and the ability to sing. The guitarist of AFI, Jade Puget's hair style back in 2006-2007. The drummer of AFI, Adam Carson's eyes. The bassist of AFI, Hunter Burgan's ability to play multible instruments. Shiny Toy Guns' lead male vocalist, Chad Petree's voice. However in his pony form he lacks some of these traits.
  • Dante's last name Royal comes from the color Royal Blue, which has nothing to do with Dante at all or his family, other than his brother.
  • Dante is from a large family of 17 siblings including himself. Dante being the 9th born is directly in the middle of his 16 siblings.