Blues Jam is a human character in the Saints Row: Skyrim universe.

Blues Jam
Gender Male
Affiliations Ivory and The Saints
Basic Info
Eyes Red
Hair Black
Occupation Saints Leader, arms dealer and stocks manager for the saints
Hobbies Playing the guitar and shooting
Owner Heavymetalbronie


Blues is a caucasian male with medium long hair and pale skin. His typical attire is of a red checked fedora, Black denim jeans, a black belt, black converse shoes, short sleeved button shirt and a necklace with a satanic pictogram style pendant.

Early LifeEdit


Joining IvoryEdit

Blues disliked being the leader of the saints, seeing as he felt he was more of a follower than a leader and so decided to join Ivory after they helped him with his Lycanthropy.

He now travels with them, going on epic adventures and blowing up a lot of shit in the process.


  • IMI Galil Assault rifle-
  • AA-12 combat shotgun- His own personal army in a gun! Takes huge varieties of ammo including Explosive rounds. Most used gun in his arsenal. Low recoil means it can be used one handed with his sword.
  • WW 2 British Sten Gun-
  • Sword- the Sword has vampiric powers that drain the life of those who are hurt by it and gives that life to the wielder.