Aniju Aura is a member of the 3rd Street Saints and the girlfriend of Dante.

Aniju Aura
Race Aura
Gender Female
Affiliations 3rd Street Saints
Basic Info
Eyes Red(Right) and Blue(Left)
Hair White
Owner Aniju Aura


Aniju is an albino with one red eye (right) and one blue eye (left) and has long white hair.


Aniju travels back to Tamriel to help Dante defeat Alduin and ended up joining the Saints.


  • Aniju can travel through dimensions at will.
  • Aniju is a shape-shifter, but she mostly stays in one form.
  • Aniju loves animals, she values the life of an animal over the life of a human. She likes weird, unusually and odd animals especially. Her favorite animals are bats and meerkats.
  • Aniju is the alpha and dominant female of Ivory.